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Dalian bonded area xingda technology co., LTD

Founded in 2002, xingda technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of petroleum exploration, measurement and control, special metal forming processing, as well as technology research and development, production and consulting services.

The company always pays close attention to the frontier of development in related fields, and establishes close cooperation with famous universities and scientific research institutions in China, taking technological innovation and scientific and technological progress as the driving force and cornerstone of enterprise development. Successively and participate in research and development of the petroleum exploration and measurement and control system (such as tool, MWDS, LWD) oil well remote digital control system, digital crude oil pipeline cleaning system, the new type of molecular materials, special ceramics, non magnetic, high temperature corrosion resistant metal used in the key important components, main technical indicators meet or exceed import equipment standards, the use of customers receive positive comments.

In 2012, the company passed the GB/T19001 quality management system certification conducted by China new era certification center. Relying on perfect product performance, strict quality assurance, perfect technical support, thoughtful after-sales service, in the international and domestic market has won a good reputation.




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