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Foam drainage technology in daqing oilfield supported the production of deep well

On June 5, the gas extraction branch of daqing oilfield company successfully completed the first batch of foam drainage tests of three deep gas Wells, and increased the daily output of natural gas by more than 35,000 cubic meters, providing technical support for the production of low production gas Wells in daqing.

Daqing branch, head of the institute of geological process tells a reporter, compressed foam drainage technology is in the wellbore in gas Wells with liquid loading into bubble agent, by means of gas flow mixing effect, so as to fully mix, it with the bottom of produce a large number of relatively stable aqueous foam system, carried by air flow from the bottom to the ground, so as to achieve the purpose of stable yield.

In may this year, the researcher of this institute confirmed the ut-5d high-temperature liquid foam and drainage agent, and optimized the test program for the water production characteristics of different gas Wells. A total of 2520 data were collected from 360 groups to verify the effectiveness of the bubbling agent and the adaptability of the dosing process. The test results of three Wells show that the bubbling agent can well satisfy the reservoir conditions of 130 c to 150 c in deep gas Wells. Before the test, these three Wells were unable to produce with water due to their low output and severe energy shortage. After adding foam and drainage agent, the pressure difference of oil jacket decreased and the water yield increased obviously.

In the next step, the institute will continue to do a good job in supporting production and gas recovery technologies, exploring reserves of cutting-edge technologies in the industry and accelerating the improvement of supporting technologies, so as to contribute to the efficient development of daqing gas field.




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